Starting and growing a restaurant business is a challenging endeavor that requires a lot of planning, hard work, and dedication. To ensure success, restaurant owners must constantly stay on top of industry trends and best practices. Fortunately, working with the Valley SBDC gives business owners premium access to resources like is a comprehensive online platform designed specifically for restaurant owners and managers. Founded by a team of experienced restaurant owners and operators, the site offers a wide range of tools and resources, including articles, tutorials, videos, and forums covering everything from menu design to marketing strategies. Having access to exclusive data, expert knowledge and advice, and guidelines that are geared towards improving a restaurant’s operations, increasing profitability, can help restaurants stay on the cutting edge of this highly competitive industry.

One feature is the Business Plan Builder.  The Business Plan Builder provides step-by-step guidance on creating a business plan that includes everything from market research and competitive analysis to financial projections and operational plans. This tool is essential for anyone looking to start a restaurant business, as it provides a clear roadmap for success.’s large collection of customizable business templates and spreadsheets are also critical time-savers for busy restauranteurs at any stage of business development. These professional tools are an excellent framework for planning and management, and assist owners and managers in making well-informed, data-driven decisions. Whether creating a budget and cash flow projections, analyzing financial performance, trying to control costs, recruiting and hiring, managing employee schedules, or creating an employee manual, has a set of calculators and formats to effectively handle almost every task.

Enhanced employee training resources are another valuable offering from Their live webinars and extensive library of video training modules and articles is designed to help restaurant owners develop and improve staff skills in a practical and easily accessible format. Topics include everything from customer service, kitchen management, marketing, financial planning, and employee retention.

If you would like to take advantage of this useful set of tools in starting or growing your restaurant business, get in touch with the Valley SBDC today! Our fee-free advising and training options are a great way to take your business from start-up to success!

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