September is national preparedness month, so we pulled some helpful links together to help you get your home and business in order in case the unexpected happens.

For Your Home

FEMA has several great articles on how to prepare your home and family for natural disasters.  Disaster Kit Supplies: Find out how what you really need in order to wait out a natural disaster – and make sure that supplies are kept fresh and replenished.  Teach children about 911, their address and phone number.  Make a plan and know where to meet your loved ones if you get separated.


For Your Businessopen sign

Take initiative and make a plan; train employees on safety protocols, first aid and CPR.  Then practice the plan.  This helps to work out any kinks and ensures everyone in your office, store or job-site knows where to go and what they need to do to stay safe.  Hold regular safety meetings – especially if your business has an inherent risk to your employees or clients (ie construction or healthcare).  Not only is it a good idea to have a plan, OSHA requires it for many industries – find out if your business needs to have an Emergency Action Plan with this interactive quiz. 

There are also tools to help keep your business running during outages and shortages.  A business continuity plan outlines protocols to ensure safety, communication, and chain of command during disasters.  FEMA offers a series of videos that walk you through the steps in creating a business continuity plan.  Just click on the Business Continuity Video Training tab in the middle of this page.

Being prepared can save your business in the wake of a natural disaster.  Have more questions or concerns?
Let us know how we can help.