Sue George was a freelance professional editor and wordsmith who had been working with various national and international clients since 1999. In 2014, she launched a new effort to grow her business by serving local Harrisonburg clients. While she had years of experience in writing and project management, she needed help expanding her business volume. After reaching out to the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center, she has increased her business and laid the groundwork for future expansion.

Sue George Communications helps businesses, non-profits and individuals meet their editorial and marketing needs with high quality content and other communication services. If your company needs press releases, newsletters, blogs, print materials, proposals, online productions, or content distribution George is a must.

“I come from an editorial, project management and engineering background, which is appropriate for the kind of work I do,” George explained. “I had no formal training in business, though, so I was hoping to benefit from the SBDC’s expertise.”

Despite the challenge of being a one-woman operation handling a large number of clients, George has made a number of accomplishments with help from the SBDC and her business counselor, SV SBDC Director Joyce Krech.

“First, the SBDC helped me revamp my website by offering invaluable guidance and feedback as I went through the re-design and development process,” George said. Next the SBDC helped George establish a network of local business contacts and potential clients. Lastly, George especially noted the moral support and encourage given to her by the SBDC in growing her business.

George has already made large strides with her business in one year, citing a 68% revenue increase from last year. As she continues to grow her business volume, her goal is to increase sustainability over time and create more long term relationships with clients locally and internationally.

“I’m grateful to my counselor, [SBDC Director] Joyce Krech, for the knowledge and ongoing support,” George stated. “I would strongly recommend the experience of working with the SBDC to other small business owners!”