Your website is the first way that many new customers will find and see you – so it’s important to make a good impression.  It’s even more important to be easy to find.  Dave Lavinksy outlines the 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Website.  The best part is that they are all fairly simple; they just take a little creativity.

It seems obvious, but it should also be said that connecting all of your online marketing platforms is essential.  You never know how your next customer is going to find you, and they need to be able to find what they’re looking for easily.  If they find your website first, make sure it’s obvious you have social media outlets (facebook, twitter, vine, etc).  If they find your facebook page, make sure that your About section is up to date.  Simple things like this can be easily overlooked and can cause frustration from a potential new customer.

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Keeping up with social media campaigns can be overwhelming, but Constant Contact – one of the major social media guru’s has broken it down into some manageable pieces.  Here are three blogs with simple ways to keep your facebook page fresh, interesting and engaging:

How long has your company had the same cover photo?  How well does that photo represent your brand? Check out these ideas to freshen it up.

Not getting many likes, shares or comments?  Try these tips for getting more engagement.

And finally, don’t be caught looking like a doofus, avoid these faux pas and look smart instead.


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