At their April meeting, the SV SBDC Advisory Council learned about “Sergeant Shred”, a Sensitive Solutions Mobile Ammunition System (SAS) that destroys small arms ammunition without creating emissions. The Sergeant Shred is a patented, mobile, green technology that can be transported anywhere in the world to reduce stockpiles and assist in natural disasters.
SAS LLC owner and operator William Metcalf, retired Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Senior Special Agent and retired Air Force Captain, gave the Council a fascinating presentation about problems associated with a sharp increase of firearm, ammunition, and explosive seizures nationwide and the ongoing need for safe and environmentally-friendly destruction of outdated and unwanted small arms ammunition. In addition to hearing how the Sergeant Shred is a solution for these issues, attendees were able to view the machine itself!
Also in attendance were Erick Rosemeck, owner of Rosemeck Metal Solutions, LLC, who has assisted with the fabrication and building of the SAS machine, and Dr. Valentine Nzengung, Professor of Environmental Geochemistry at the University of Georgia who has invented a solution called MuniRem that will neutralize ammunition. Testing to utilize the MuniRem solution as part of the SAS ammunition destruction process are in the works.
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