Have you considered seeking business advice on how to start a business or grow an existing company to the next level, but don’t know where you will get the most efficient, accurate information? Once you read the TOP seven reasons to work with the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center, you’ll have your answer. Doesn’t it make sense to start and grow your business with advisors that KNOW small business? Contact us today to begin reaping the benefits of working with our expert Business Advisors.

  1. We equip start-up and existing businesses with the tools to succeed.

Knowing what you need and how to deploy it appropriately can save tons of time and money in the start-up and management of any small business. At the SV SBDC, our highly trained and experienced Business Advisors can take the guesswork out of developing new ideas, investigating what’s needed to achieve your business goals, and making smart decisions when faced with a problem. Our advisors have collected all the tools you’ll need to succeed and can partner with you to use it effectively.

SV SBDC Advisors have access to exclusive network tools like GrowthWheel®, a decision-making toolbox that helps entrepreneurs get focused, set agendas, make decisions, and take action. Many of our advisors are certified to help guide businesses through the GrowthWheel® process.

Visit our Resources page to see research materials, templates, and more.

  1. Our Business Advisors stay abreast of the most current business skills and trends.

We know you are too busy planning or running the day-to-day of your business to always keep up with the latest information and trends for business start-up, management, and growth. That’s why our Business Advisors spend many hours each month on professional development training and networking, constantly honing their understanding of the fast-moving world of business so they can share the most up-to-date resources, relationships, and opportunities with clients. This level of relevant and immediately useful professional guidance is a key component of all business advising from the SV SBDC.

  1. We have connections to key networks.

Entrepreneurs may be known for their independent thinking, but smart entrepreneurs know networks are a critical part of small business success. The Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center has well-established connections in many industries throughout the region as well as with all the major economic, educational, workforce, and business-related organizations. They can steer you to industry-specific individuals and associations that will quickly benefit your business.

  1. The Valley SBDC offers a personalized mix of approaches.

We LOVE that small business owners are passionate and creative, each having their own personal way of learning and executing the skills needed for success. The Business Advisors at the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center deploy a wide range of methods to help each client apply the fundamentals of business start-up and development to the ideas and conditions unique to their business and entrepreneurial style.  Advisors use brainstorming, teaching, counseling, coaching, and connecting business owners to peers and other experts as a way of guiding business owners along the most effective path possible.

  1. There’s no cost for advising services.

The cost of business advising services is covered in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration and programmatic and financial support from George Mason University and host James Madison University.  The Cities of Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, Buena Vista, and Lexington, and the Counties of Rockingham, Augusta, Highland, and Rockbridge also financially support the Valley SBDC.

  1. You have decades of business experience at your fingertips.

Let’s face it. Some start-up businesses are born outside the box and some business problems cannot be solved by coloring in the lines. That’s why the decades of “in the trenches” business experience that our Business Advisors bring to the table is so valuable to their clients. The combination of training, connections, and earned expertise offers clients experienced insights and practical solutions they can really use.

  1. Plenty of relevant workshops are available to keep your skills sharp.

In addition to one-on-one advising services, the Valley SBDC makes use of the deep subject-matter expertise available within the community and their extended network to offer workshops on a wide range of useful and current topics. These are generally free or low-cost to participants. Visit our workshop calendar to see what’s coming up.

Our team is on your team. Get started with training + fee-free, confidential, expert business advising today!  Contact us now.

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