Running on empty and feeling like you could use some fresh ideas to revitalize your business in 2021? Adding a couple inspirational and informative business podcasts to your personal routine may be the ticket to renewed enthusiasm. We have cross-referenced five “Best Of” lists to reveal 10 popular podcasts that consistently make the cut.


Not only will you be inspired by the stories of successful entrepreneurs on this show, but host John Lee Dumas asks questions and provides insights that will send you away ready to take immediate action in your own business.

Suggested Episodes:

Kevin Rogers Reveals The 60-Second Sales Hook

Social Distance Marketing: How To Thrive In The Crazy World Of Self-Isolation With Chala Dincoy

Build A Lucrative Business With No Ideas, No Money, And No Expertise With Dane Maxwell

3 Ways to Avoid Being an Unhealthy Entrepreneur with Eric Martinez

  • How I Built This – Best Inside Look at Business – Selected by 4/5 reviewers

Step inside the world’s most profitable, unique, and interesting companies with this in-depth program from NPR featuring untold stories about the struggles and successes of company founders.

Suggested Episodes:

Serial Entrepreneur: Marcia Kilgore

Yelp: Jeremy Stoppelman

Milk Bar: Christina Tosi (because cake, duh)

Honest Tea: Seth Goldman

  • HBR IdeaCast – Best from the Ivy League – Selected by 4/5 reviewers

This podcast offers short episodes on current business management topics and is particularly geared towards managing a team or contractors and ways to increase competitive advantage and productivity.

Suggested Episodes:

Setting a High Bar for Your Customer Service

The Art of Asking for (and Getting) Help

How to Be Less Distracted at Work — and in Life

How Some Companies Beat the Competition…for Centuries

  • The $100 MBA – Best Practical Tips – Selected by 3/5 reviewers

This critically acclaimed podcast covers practical topics sans the entrepreneurial backstory. Compact with actionable advice, The $100 MBA focuses on the nuts and bolts of running a business more efficiently and solving problems that crop up along the way.

Suggested Episodes:

How to Grow an Email List from Scratch

How to Price Your Services

  • The BizChix – Best for Women – Selected by 3/5 reviewers

Business training, tips, and advice on growing businesses by refining and restructuring strategies and developing their growth-driven mindsets. Tailored specifically to address the unique challenges women face in today’s workplace.

Suggested Episodes:

Scaling to Multiple Locations with Nickie Janes

How to Decide Where to Focus with Lindsay Recknell

Why Your Business is NOT Growing

  • Mixergy – Best for “Big Picture” Entrepreneurs – Selected by 3/5 reviewers

Mixergy features interviews with founders at the top of very diverse industries. Host Andrew Warner is known for his penetrating and sometimes abrasive interview style. This podcast is great for business owners who love learning about and borrowing ideas from different industries.

Suggested Episodes:

Use The Science Of Nonverbal Communication To Increase Your Sales

How To Persuade Potential Customers Into Becoming Customers

How Acuity Scheduling Grew 5X In 3 Years (And Was Acquired By Squarespace)

Is Heart-Led Entrepreneurship Good for Business?

Using compelling interviews and storytelling to drive home the need for keeping the mental side of entrepreneurship – attitudes, beliefs, motivations – in balance, this podcast can help you stay mentally tough and steer your business in the right direction.

 Suggested Episodes:

Creating Your Success from the Inside Out

Get Out Of Your Own Way & Get What You Want with Jim Fortin

10 Steps for More FREEDOM in 2020

  • Rise and Grind – Best for Inspiration – Selected by 2/5 reviewers

Daymond John of FUBU and Shark Tank fame shares the secrets of entrepreneurs that generate success by out-strategizing and out-hustling competitors in this oldie but goodie podcast series from 2018. John uses this podcast to teach wise time management and utilization as illustrated through the stories of individuals that are tops in their fields.

Suggested Episode: Daniel Lubetzky on finding success the KIND way 

Looking to take a deep dive into the technical side of marketing, like getting more results from Google Ads, or explore the more abstract, like building a memorable brand or and the role of authenticity in marketing? Duct Tape Marketing will take you through them step-by-step with the world’s most knowledgeable experts.

Suggested Episodes:

How to Create Ridiculously Good Content

Reboot Your Business and Your Life

Work Simply

Named the Best Business & Entrepreneurship Podcast at the iHeart Radio Podcast Awards, RISE will give you the scoop on how to become a better business leader and person in this inspiring mix of discussions and insights from some of the leading business minds from best-selling author Rachel Hollis.

Suggested Episodes:

Donald Miller Teaches You How to Tell Your Story

Is Your Dream Viable? Here Are Some Steps to Figure It Out

How to Disaster-Proof Your Business During Coronavirus and Beyond



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