Learn More About Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) & Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs

If your small business is interested in federal research/research and development (R/R&D) with potential for commercialization, you are encouraged to learn more about the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. SBIR and STTR allow small enterprises the opportunity to explore their technological potential and the financial incentive to profit from commercialization through a competitive awards-based program. Incorporating eligible small firms into the country’s research and development sector fosters high-tech innovation and instills an entrepreneurial spirit in the US as it addresses its unique R&D requirements.

SBIR STTR Program Overview Presentation

Central to the STTR program is the partnership between small businesses and nonprofit research institutions. Phase I and Phase II of the STTR program mandate that the small firm engage in formal collaboration with a research institution. It is crucial, therefore, that small businesses and university administrators are aware of SBIR/STTR regulations and that small businesses understand university policies that guide the process.

To facilitate this mutual understanding, James Madison University Research Development and the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center are sponsoring a special webinar made possible by the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation on January 23, in Hartman Hall Forum/2021 A-C from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM. The webinar will cover:

  • Eligibility rules for SBIR/STTR
  • Sub-contracting rules/limitations
  • University lab vs. Small business facilities


Please register to attend this livestream event in person at Hartman Hall Forum/2021 A-C, James Madison University Campus.