Is your business still running on Windows XP and Office 2003?  You may want to think seriously about upgrading.  Microsoft has announced that they are discontinuing technical assistance for these 2001 packages – including automatic updates.  They warn that this could leave your computer unprotected.

Some FAQ’s from Microsoft:

What does this mean for your business?

1.     There will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates.

2.     Without critical security updates, PCs could become vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software which can steal or damage business data and information.

3.     Anti-virus software will not be able to fully protect PCs running Windows XP once the OS is no longer supported.

4.     Businesses that continue to run Windows XP after support ends may be exposed to potential security threats, and may even risk breaching compliance standards depending on the industry in which they operate.”


“How do you stay protected?

To stay protected after support ends April 8, you have two options:

1.     Upgrade your current PC: Very few older computers will be able to run Windows 8.1, which is the latest version of Windows. You may want to download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check if your PC meets the system requirements  for Windows 8.1 and then follow the steps in the tutorial to upgrade if your PC is able. For more detailed information, read the FAQ.

o    Download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant

o    Tutorial: Upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows XP

2.     Get a new PC:   If your current PC can’t run Windows 8.1, it might be time to consider shopping for a new one. The average price of a PC is considerably less expensive than the average PC was 10 years ago.”

What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported?

Which version of Windows am I running?

For more information, visit Microsoft.

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