No-Fee and Confidential

We serve the experienced owner who wants to expand a business, solve business problems, do strategic planning, develop new ideas, enter new markets, or access expansion capital.

Our consulting services are no-fee and confidential, usually at our Harrisonburg offices, but we also offer appointments in Lexington, Monterey, Verona, and Luray.

Before your first appointment, we will ask you to complete our Request for Counseling Form and Pre-Counseling Questionnaire.

We also serve the aspiring entrepreneur who needs to understand the requirements for going into business, financial management issues, marketing issues and techniques, business plan development and implementation, and the qualifications for obtaining start-up funds.

If you are thinking about starting a new business, we recommend you begin by attending one of our Start Smart workshops and complete the Pre-Counseling Questionnaire to begin an conversation with a business advisor.

If you are looking for our Planning your Start-up Checklist, here is the downloadable PDF with live links.