Selling Made Easy – Really!



Selling doesn't have to be difficult - just follow the simple maxims from Lee Simon's presentation at the BIG Small Business Event 2013:


Here's the Top 10

1. Selling is Listening:  Have a conversation - let the customer speak - listen and respond to their needs.
2. Provide a Solution: They have a problem or need that you can fill - even if they don't realize it yet.
3. Follow Up: Your best customer is your repeat customer - send thank you's and see if you can help them again.
4. Watch Body Language: Theirs - and yours - we say more with our expressions and hands than we do with words.
5. Sell Benefits, Not Features: What will your product or service DO for them? Save time? Provide convenience? Offer reliability?
6. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Get your potential customer talking by asking relevant questions.
7. Handle Objections: Be prepared for common objections - brainstorm ahead of time so they're automatic.
8. Woo Them, Don't Pound Them:  No one wants to be harassed, be gentle and give them space.
9. Know Your Competition: Knowing their strengths and weaknesses better enables you to highlight why you stand out.
10. Analyze Your Results: Track your sales and figure out what caused any changes - and learn from it.


Ready to really hone your sales strategy & technique?  Lee Simon is one of our Business Advisers who are here to talk business with you.  Contact us to get started.