Video Killed the Radio Star

Beyond Google... Marketing & Managing on the Web

Want to get near the top of the Google Search Results Page for your business? Want to emotional, visually and audibly impact your customer from the moment they come into contact with your business? Want to increase your sales and customer engagement? Well, your solution is also the world's largest video search engine and social network, YouTube (which is owned by the world's largest search engine, Google)!

If you'd like to know:

  •  how to effectively develop your video Web presence using YouTube;
  • generate compelling videos that get found both on YouTube and via Google Search, and
  •  use the technology to make effective calls-to-action that your potential customers will respond, then...this Webinar is for you!

This overview Webinar, as part of the Beyond Google: Marketing and Managing on the Web series from Virginia SBDC,  is taken from a full-day workshop seminar presented by Ray Sidney-Smith, Web & Mobile Strategist, author of SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Web Small Business Marketing Strategy Explained, and President of W3 Consulting, a digital business strategy and training firm helping business owners learn why and how to use Web, mobile and digital technologies for greater marketing and management impact.

Who should attend?

  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, micropreneurs, solopreneurs
  • Office managers, Human Resources professionals
  • Administrative/executive assistants and sales/account representatives
  • Nonprofit executive directors and board members


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