Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3)

June 17, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
George Mason University, Founders Hall
Founders Hall
3351 Fairfax Dr #448, Arlington, VA 22201
The Global Situation Room
(703) 231-8285


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Small, indeed all businesses and entrepreneurs can internationalize more easily now that at any time in history. Yet, many companies continue to sit out exploring new markets. Complexity and lack of credible contacts are among the principal reasons for the reluctance to scale globally. Regulations are especially burdensome for smaller firms. E3 seeks to pilot a new platform for enabling entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to connect with international markets.  The event is expressly designed to provide businesses with an intimate, in-depth opportunity to engage with US and foreign trade officials. Unlike large trade expos, E3 will offer smaller firms with the chance to spend more time and get specific answers to their questions and concerns.

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Why Attend:

Access. Seldom is access to so many high-level officials from countries around the world available in such an intimate setting. E3 is designed for depth. This isn’t your standard international expo where you might hope to collect a couple cards or get a few minutes to pitch your business interests. Small and medium-sized companies will gain a deeper understanding of the issues, opportunities, and key actors they need to grow their companies in new markets overseas.

E3 isnt just beneficial for businesses. Government officials will get the opportunity to hear directly from entrepreneurs exploring global expansion of their businesses, not just large multinationals. This provides them will invaluable insights to one of the US and foreign governments’ prinicipal trade challenges, getting smaller firms more involved in trade.

Foreign diplomats get the chance recruit new business to their country. Yet, they also have a unique opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs about what challenges they face, opportunities they’re seeking, and incentives would most entice them to invest. This market intelligence can assist foreign officials with refining their approach and attracting more small businesses to their country.

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This event is proudly sponsored by the Virginia SBDC