Create a Cyber Incident Response Plan

June 14, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

In an era where cyber incidents are on the rise, ensuring you have a cyber incident response plan means you know how to respond to a serious security incident, such as a data breach, data leak, ransomware attack, or loss of sensitive information.

During this session, we will walk you through the basics of creating a cyber incident response plan for your organization. By the end of this hour, you should feel equipped to put a basic incident response plan together.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Business Owners, Management Teams, Cybersecurity Professionals and individuals within an organization responsible for cybersecurity, risk management or information security

Meet the Expert

Quiana Gainey is a 20+ year IT & Cybersecurity industry veteran and has served as Chief Executive Officer for SecureTech360 located in Springfield, VA since its inception in 2010. Ms. Gainey has an extensive background in the IT industry, including information assurance, cyber-security and research/development for the Federal, State or Local government. She also founded MySecureKid in 2018 a 501C (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to diversity and inclusion in the field of cybersecurity, and information technology. Ms. Gainey has an MBA, a BS in Information Technology Management and Cybersecurity.

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