Business of Food – Project Manager

Business of Food LogoPosition Available Immediately:
Project Manager for The Business of Food Conference 2015

Objective: to manage the successful coordination, promotion, and execution of the Business of Food (BoF) Conference on June 29, 2015 and to ensure consistency with the grant goals and desired outcomes.

A joint project of the Central Virginia and Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Centers, the Business of Food Conference will feature a broad range of workshops topics of value to food service professionals, restaurant managers and owners, and all who desire to learn more about starting or growing a food business. Learn more about the conference at



  • Work with the BoF Planning Team to implement the planned activities and to develop a detailed schedule that identifies all tasks, timelines, and needed resources.
  • Serve as the primary contact for the project and communicate effectively with presenters, sponsors, and others to coordinate activities and insure smooth operations.
  • Complete the agreed upon tasks, monitor progress of the project, and make adjustments as necessary to ensure successful completion.
  • Communicate processes and progress on a regular basis to the BoF Planning Team.
  • Ensure that project communications, logistics, contacts, and resources are documented.


  • The BoF Project Manager reports to the Directors of the CV and SV SBDCs.
  • Work space will be allocated in one of their offices or work may be completed from home.
  • Term of service: Immediate start thru July 10, 2015
  • Payment: $3,000 with potential of commission on sponsorship goals met or exceeded



  • Set priorities, develop schedules, monitor progress, and track details
  • Communicate effectively to deliver information and promote the conference
  • Work independently and as part of a team




  • Meet with Betty & Joyce for overview of project: scope, goals, targets, and timelines
  • Set up cloud-based files for sharing info with BoF Planning Team members
  • Work with planning team to identify sponsors & presenters


Manage Workshops

  • Create file to collect suggestions for presenters, panelists, and topics as well as distribution channels
  • Distribute RFPs to the suggested list and via channels to assure widespread distribution
  • Collect RFPs; categorize, and share with team
  • Follow up on all proposals, respond to queries
  • Respond to proposals with confirmations (or otherwise) and confirm logistics
  • See tasks for Presenter/Panelists


Manage Publicity

  • Create a marketing campaign within the team’s approved budget. The campaign can include, but not limited to:
    • Existing SBDC Websites and Facebook pages
    • Existing BoF Facebook page
    • Create a unique website for the conference
    • Create content for other media: flyers, press releases, posters etc.
    • Set visual identity standards
  • Implement & manage publicity activities
  • Monitor results and make recommended changes as needed


Manage Sponsorships

  • Create file to collect suggestions for sponsors from team members
  • Create/update sponsorship levels handout
  • Communicate via email, personal contact, or phone with potential sponsors
  • Follow up, respond, answer questions, upsell, etc. with contacts
  • Invoice sponsors appropriately and timely
  • Manage Sponsor perks/relationships – use of logos, registration tickets, etc.
  • Solicit and manage/collect sponsor door prizes


Manage Presenters / Panelists

  • Once confirmed, obtain final blurbs and bios for program
  • Communicate logistics of the day: directions, parking, arrival times, lunch, AV needs, etc.
  • Obtain their presentation  & handouts


Manage Day-of Registration, Agenda, Signs, etc.

  • Establish registration process with CV SBDC
  • Coordinate with team / JMU for festival logistics, including lunch
  • Create and have printed the day’s program agenda
  • Create and have printed signage for the day - sponsorships, logos, directional, etc.


To apply: Send an email letter that explains your experiences and qualifications and why you are the best person to help us make the Business of Food Conference a success. Include the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and your relationship to three personal or professional references. Attach a current resume.

Send the email to   Betty Hoge, Director Central Virginia SBDC,
and cc   Joyce Krech, Director, Shenandoah Valley SBDC

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