BIG Small Business Event 2013 ~ Workshop Descriptions

Alternative Business Financing (after you take the friends and family route).
Jayne Armstrong, US Small Business Administration; Scott Parsons, Virginia Small Business Financing Authority; Elizabeth Wilson, Business Finance Group; Christina Cain, Staunton Creative Community Fund
Learn about the regional, state, and national resources available to help finance start-up and expanding businesses and how to assess the applicability of each for your situation.

Technology Management for Non-Tech Managers
Ian MacRae, President of E-N Computers
A non-technical presentation designed to help business managers, directors, and owners understand how to best manage their IT services.

Growing Pains: What are the Magic Employee Numbers?
Susan Grossman, SPHR, President, Shenandoah Valley Society of Human Resource Management
Understand what laws and employment practices apply to you at your current size and as you grow, and the resources to help you become compliant.

The Power of Graphic Design: Taking Visuals to the Next Level
Jaye Brumfield, The Hatchery Design Company
Sometimes the best way to learn a subject is through demonstration. Instead of giving a lecture about good design, Jaye will show you real project case studies with lots of before and after examples.  Then, with your permission, she'll focus on the visuals for YOUR company, and offer real-time critiques of the samples that you provide. Bring your business cards, brochures, print ads, etc. and an open mind.

Everything You Need to Know about Business Insurance—but didn’t know to ask
Troy L. Suter, CPCU, Agent LD&B Financial Services
A review of the important aspects of automobile, property, general liability, and workers compensation insurance so you can make informed decisions regarding coverages and risk management procedures.

Credit Policy & Procedures: best practices to save time, trouble, and $$
Dan Fraser, Controller, Beam Brothers Trucking; Greg Godsey, Senior Vice President, Union First Market Bank
Learn how to develop and implement effective credit policies and procedures for your business, including establishing credit limits for customers.  Also learn how a financial institution looks at a borrower’s client base and accounts receivables  for lending purposes.

LinkedIn for Business: Practical Tips for Expanding Your Business-to-Business Presence
William Roy, Co-Founder, Immerge Technologies
We'll start with a brief summary of LinkedIn's fundamental features and an overview of what it is best used for, since it is just a tool. Then, we'll discover how you can find customers and peer support networks. Finally, we'll evaluate the latest new features of LinkedIn that are going to transform the way people interact with your profile.

Boomers are from Mars, Xers are from Venus and Millennials are a Newly Discovered Planet: Leadership for the “AGES”
Andrew Ansoorian, Director of HR, Shenandoah County Public Schools
Most business owners agree that one of  their biggest challenges is getting work done satisfactorily through other people. When employees don’t think, act, or behave like you, or even like each other, that challenge is greater.  This informative, interactive and entertaining workshop will introduce you to the unique characteristics of three generations currently in the workforce. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to work with every age to support organizational success.

Selling Made Easy.  Really!
Lee Simon, Certified Business Analyst, SV SBDC
Each attendee will learn valuable skills, via 42 Sales Maxims, to improve sales techniques and results.

Local Advertising: How to Make it Work
Bridgett Knupp, Clear Chanel Media & Entertainment; Steve Turner, Daily News-Record
Where do you put your advertising dollars? How do you choose and how do you combine media options for maximum effectiveness?  Learn what you need to know about demographics, target markets, market share, rate schedules, and all the other decisions to help you make your advertising work for you.

Success in the Online Marketplace
William Roy, Co-founder, Immerge Technologies
Every business has some degree of an online presence. How do you appear in search engines? When people find your online space (Website, Facebook page, etc.), what is your message? How do people view your content—on a phone or from a desktop?  Find answers to these questions and more as we discuss a list of factors and best practices for your online presence.

Your Bottom Line: What the Healthcare Law Means for Your Small Business
Emma Hollister, Network Coordinator, Small Business Majority; Erin Steigleder, Virginia Consumer Voices
This presentation will provide Virginia self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners with a comprehensive look at the Affordable Care Act.  Through discussion of the law nationally and at the state level, the presenters will explain the ways in which the law will impact the Virginia small business community.

Site Selection: Navigating Lease Options and Terms
David Denman, Cottonwood Realty
This workshop will focus on the needs of both new and established business owners as they prepare to move to new facilities and sign leases.  What you need to know before signing?  What are the negotiable points and what are the “standard” terms?

What the Lender Sees: Reading your Financial Reports
Misty Lester, Valley Bank; Vicki Shortt, Union First Market Bank
Learn from the source what the bank is looking for and at.  Gain a better understanding of your own business financial statements and what your banker needs to know when you make a loan request.

Internal Controls and Common Fraud Problems
Megan Argenbright, CPA, Brown, Edwards & Company LLP
Learn about the best practices and internal controls to protect your small business.  Real-life fraud examples illustrate dangers and safeguards you can use.

Benefits of Doing Business in the Valley—Economic Development at Work
Dennis Burnett, Augusta County Economic Development; Amanda Glover, City of Staunton Economic Development; Gregory Hitchin, City of Waynesboro Economic Development; John Meck, Rockingham County Economic Development; Brian Shull, City of Harrisonburg Economic Development
Learn about the resources, benefits, and special programs provided by these cities and counties to both established and start-up businesses.