BIG Small Business Event 2014 ~ Workshop Descriptions

Put a Little Google-Power behind your Marketing
You can’t escape the omnipresent power of Google, so you need to learn all you can about how effective use of their search-engine tools can improve your business. 2013 saw many changes at Google: Keywords in Google Analytics are out; AdWords and Universal Analytics are in, and “Remarketing” tools allow you to present your products and services on other websites! We’ll explore these and other “must-have” strategies for your business success. Come. Learn. Google.
William Roy is Web Account Manager for Immerge Technologies, a division of McClung Printing in Waynesboro. He specializes in providing Web marketing solutions to help businesses achieve success in lead generation, ecommerce, brand consistency, and information distribution. William has served the SV SBDC for many years as an advisor and friend.

A Business "Who Dunnit?" Get a Clue with Metrics
Wondering why your small business isn’t as successful as it could be? Find out how to demystify the mystery. You will learn all about your metrics (the numbers) and about your business ratios (the percentages) to aid you in decision making. Learn four ways to increase sales and four ways to decrease expenses and how to track your marketing to improve results.
Lee Simon is an experienced business advisor with the SV SBDC and has been coaching businesses large and small for 10 years. His background in marketing and sales combined with his own business ownership equals valuable insights and practical experience.

BIG Ideas on a Small Budget: Rejuvenate Your Business with Creative Collaboration and Re-purposed Resources
The crush of day-to-day tasks in business can quickly isolate and overwhelm. Small business owner/operators seldom have the time, energy or budget to stay creative and cutting-edge in a constantly changing business/marketing environment. In this workshop, we’ll share real-time, manageable strategies for assessing, rethinking and repurposing existing systems, assets and marketing content to give your business a cost-effective and efficient makeover without breaking the bank.
Marketing and business operations consultants Karen Lawrence and Sharon Kay (aka Virtually Sisters LLP) have decades of experience in maintaining a fresh and creative approach to running businesses of all types. They consult regularly on management issues, project development, publicity, communication, and social media projects.

When Departments (and People) Collide: Conflict Transformation in the Workplace
Change is inevitable and necessary for growing organizations, and a little healthy conflict can facilitate effective change. But hidden conflict affects morale, fosters turnover, and can hurt revenue. Conflict Transformation is a new and emerging concept in the public and corporate sector, but it has been used by mediators and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals for many years. While many people hear “conflict transformation” and think conflict resolution, the two are not the same. The objective of positive change is possible when conflicts are brought to the surface and handled openly and productively. Whether you are a family business with two partners, or a multi-departmental company, you can learn how properly managed conflict benefits your organization and improves the bottom line.
Dawn Miller Sanders has a Masters in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peace Building. Dawn and her business partner Nicole Perrotta have embraced the transformation philosophy and specialize in bringing the philosophy and the practice to the business world to maximize business results.

Take a Purple Goldfish to Work
Join Keynote presenter Stan Phelps for an informal discussion and Q&A on applying his Purple Goldfish principles in your business every day. You'll leave with signature ways to add value for customers and drive word-of-mouth referrals to your business.

Are Mobile Apps Right for your Business?
If you are considering if mobile is a good fit for your company or marketing mix, this is the talk for you. We will explain the need, process, and considerations to think through when determining if you want to build an app for your business or organization. Coming away from this seminar individuals should understand: business trends in using mobile over desktop, how to qualify an app idea and gather requirements, considerations for what platform to deploy to, how to qualify an app development vendor, a general understanding for cost & timeline to develop a mobile app, general terminology to know when building an app, and security and privacy considerations when collecting data.
As a founder of GroMobi and certified mobile developer, Ben Kilmer has experience and exposure working with clients, designers, and developers to build industry best mobile apps. At GroMobi, a diverse team of 20-somethings to 50-somethings provide a uniquely balanced perspective when it comes to creating innovative mobile solutions for clients across industries.

Bankers and Lenders and Loans – Oh My!
Your business banker can (and should) be part of your management team working for positive growth. If you find it just a bit scary going down that road, this session is for you. A panel of friendly bankers will discuss how they work cooperatively and productively with business clients to fit services with needs and help a business grow.
Facilitated by Lang Smith, Union First Market Bank

A Picture is worth...Everything
Back by popular demand, with lots of examples and discussion of best practices, we’ll review the visual components of a brand identity system and how excellent graphic design can bring your business to life. With special emphasis on keeping your visual identity consistent, Trudy will discuss audience and intent, colors, typography, and implementation across all media. Bring your questions.
Trudy Cole has been a professional graphic designer for 25 years and has produced numerous branded identities of local and national distinction. Trudy also serves as a Professor in and Coordinator of the Graphic Design Program at James Madison University.

Staying Relevant in a Changed Economy
This workshop will explore today’s economic climate and how buyers have changed their habits in recent years. Join in to learn how you can stay relevant to your customers through marketing and social media.
Marc Willson has 35 years of experience helping retail, restaurant and tourism-related small businesses refine and promote their concepts to the public. He began his career as co-owner of the largest distributor of Earth Shoes in the U.S. and went on to executive positions with Britches of Georgetowne, Crown Books, Circuit City, The Bicycle Exchange, and Storetrax, Inc. Marc currently serves the Virginia SBDC Network as a Retail Industry Consultant.

That Law Doesn’t Apply to ME – or Does It?
This seminar will present 19 laws that apply to all business, no matter what size. Participants will learn about these laws, why these laws were enacted, and how to comply. Penalties could result if a business is not aware of these laws and does not apply them at their place of employment.
Susan Grossman is a Human Resources Professional with over 10 years of experience and certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources by the Human Resources Certification Institute and Villanova University.

Where’s the Money? Alternative Financing Options
Panel discussion with representatives from a variety of regional, state, and local organizations with financing resources to help your small business grow.
Amy Rowan, Business Finance Group, Linda Gilbert, Virginia Small Business Financing Authority, and Christina Cain, Staunton Creative Community Fund bring many years experience helping many types of businesses obtain financing. They will be joined by Valarie Smith,  Larkin Arts, who will be discussing her success with crowdfunding for her business.

All Good Things Come to an End: Choosing your Small Business Retirement Plan
Are you a one-person shop? Husband and wife team? Established (or planning to be) with many employees? In any case, one thing is the same: you need to consider your options (and those dependent on you) for retirement. This presentation will cover various alternatives available to small businesses for establishing a workplace or individual retirement plan.
Jeff Smith CPA is a tax partner with Brown Edwards & Company in Harrisonburg VA and brings over 20 years experience working with small business clients for tax and retirement planning. Jeff is a member of the SV SBDC Advisory Council.

Social Enterprise: Using Business as a Force for Good
Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. They use the methods and disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace to solve social, environmental, and human justice issues. Attendees will learn why and how they can be profitable as a business, maintain their values, and make our world a better place to be.
Attendees will also learn what it means to be a B-Corps Business. (B-Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.) B-Corps businesses are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
Christina Cain serves as Executive Director and Tracey Coltrain is Director of Business Development for Staunton Creative Community Fund. Together, they have taught numerous workshops on social enterprise and have helped businesses become certified B-Corps.

So Why Don’t We Have an Olive Garden? Data-Driven Business Decisions
You try to check out at the register and are asked for a zip code. You’re given coupons that mysteriously match what you just purchased. You know buying habits are tracked by the “big boys” but how can you access the same powerful marketing data for your business? Learn how good marketing decisions begin with good information in this overview of the Buxton SCOUT system. Used by Rockingham County, this system provides access to detailed information that can help expand your customer base, reach target markets, and formulate marketing strategies.
John Meck is Development Manager for Rockingham County’s Department of Economic Development and leader for the county’s Business Retention and Expansion Campaign. Jenny Harvey is Economic Development and Tourism Manager for Rockingham County’s Department of Economic Development.

Video as Part of Your Marketing
A panel discussion with three prominent video production companies will help you learn all about what video can do for your business online, on TV, and in person. Learn to manage expectations as well as when and how to use video. Come with questions!
Joey Groah of DIGICO SHOOT | POST | DESIGN and Andy VanHook  of Appeal Production are joined by Michael Nelson of Comcast Spotlight to guide this discussion. 

Nuts & Bolts of Workers Compensation
Classification codes, payroll projections, exclusions, audits - all the fun knowledge you need to make sure your business in compliant and covered. We will discuss how to set up your workers compensation correctly to avoid surprises down the road.
Larry Elkins is Assistant Vice President for DWN Insurance Services LLC, an agency with a quarter-century of workers compensation experience and service