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U Fit: A New Kind of Work Out for Rockingham County

As someone with years of experience working in gyms, Dawn Flowers has always enjoyed giving private workout sessions. It was this passion for personalization that ultimately inspired her to open her own, small-group training facility. At first the idea seemed far-fetched. She questioned if it was an achievable feat, but deep down she knew that […]

BoBoKo Indoneasian Café: What’s Cooking Competitor Turned Successful Restaurant Owner

Prospective restaurant owner Hotiman Ridwan had been developing his dream business for quite some time when he joined – and won – the Shenandoah Valley SBDC’s “What’s Cooking” Business Concept Plan Competition.  A restaurant manager and 18 year veteran of the hospitality industry, Ridwan began his culinary endeavors growing up in his home country of […]

Blossom Spas: When a Dream Blooms into a Business

This success story is dedicated to Paul Keppel III, Principal Broker of the ProRealty Group in Harrisonburg, VA .  Paul was extremely helpful in the leasing process with the SV SBDC and Blossom Spas.  Paul suddenly passed away one week after Vunly signed the lease.  He would be proud of their achievement. Starting a business […]

The Dayton Market: A Community of Commerce

A Shenandoah Valley landmark for over 25 years, the Dayton Market brings visitors and residents together in a casual, friendly setting. Located two miles south of Harrisonburg, the Town of Dayton is one of the oldest settled communities in Rockingham County.  Surrounded by prime agricultural farmland, this historic land is populated by many members of […]

A Company’s Largest Expense: The Cost of Goods Sold

For any business to operate successfully, one needs to know exactly what drives profit and what needs to be spent to make an individual sale, otherwise known as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Any unsold product just sitting on the shelf is obviously not making you any money but is also costing you, which is why […]

Thank You JMU

Since Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance was formed 12 years ago, one of its goals has been a hotel and conference center in the city’s urban core. This year, construction will start on a hotel with 205 to 225 rooms and a conference center with 20,000 to 22,000 square feet of meeting space that will sit on […]

Three Dangerous Myths in Entrepreneurship

Myth 1: Be Your Own Boss Being an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean you have no bosses. That’s only partially true. As a sole proprietor, you actually end up with many bosses. Customers are the obvious ones. But then there are the people you owe money to, the people who owe you money, your partners or […]

Virginia Velocity

Virginia’s Premier Business Plan Competition www.virginiavelocity.org The Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has just announced that the Governor’s first business plan competition in Virginia is now open to applicants! Virginia Velocity will provide $850,000 in prizes for winners, and at least four winners will be chosen.  The competition is open to all companies in the […]

7 Tips to Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Is your brand recognizable? More importantly, how is it perceived? No doubt, aesthetics are one of the most important features of a business. After all, a logo equals a thousand words in the business world. But, looks are just a part of your your brand identity. There is so much more. Apple and Zappos for example, are […]