As office assistants at the Shenandoah Valley SBDC, Anna and I were submerged into the Valley’s small business community. While you would probably recognize our voices more than our faces, we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to organize events, schedule client appointments and promote the SBDC through advertisement and social media. If you are a client, called our office, or attended an event in the last two years, odds are we worked with you in some capacity. We’ve done our best to keep the backstage organized, so that Rosie, Joyce, Betty, Sara & Lee can focus their energy on supporting you and your business. This spring we packed up our offices at 1598 South Main to move to our new place in the Ice House and got a few paper cuts in the process. We’ve come to know the SBDC staff as family, which makes our exit truly bittersweet. Anna and I both are graduate students at JMU studying Occupational Therapy, and will be leaving the SBDC to complete our fieldwork experiences (full-time internships) as the final step in our education. We want to bid a sweet farewell to our extended SBDC family. We have learned so much from all of you and the Valley’s small businesses will hold a special place in our hearts wherever we may find ourselves in upcoming years.

We Love Small Business

Robin & Anna