The QuickBooks and Keeping the Books classes, which we offer jointly with the SBDC in our offices, have provided an excellent environment for nurturing the small business community. The attendees gain confidence in their ability to compile quality financial information for their growing businesses. In addition, they become aware of the support system and tools provided by the SBDC.

Daniel B. Martin, CPA, Partner
PBMares, LLP

This has to be the most under-utilized free service available to a business owner. Whether you are a start-up or have been in business for 50 years, the SBDC can help you!

Richard Halterman, CPA
Murphy Business Brokers and Appraisels

I've always had a productive experience with the SBDC. They were there for me and my business every step of the way. From the beginning, when Campus Cookies was just a twinkle in my eye, to the present—I could always count on the SBDC for dependable, non-biased, practical business advice. The SBDC gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and my business model, allowing me to take the risks and handle the roller coaster ride of starting a business. Not only did the SBDC give me valuable knowledge, but they also helped to connect me within the local community and Shenandoah Valley, making the transition into a chain a lot less stressful. If there is one thing I've learned in business, it's the value of dependability, and the SBDC has always been there for me.

Scott Davidson, Owner
Campus Cookies

I am very thankful for the SV SBDC. I was starting a new business and had no idea of where to begin to get things set up correctly from the very beginning. The consultant knew everything that I needed to do and went over it step by step for my specific needs. This is a valuable service... My consultant had all of the answers to my questions and gave me the resources I needed to get started.  She saved me a lot of time, trouble, and money trying to figure all of this out on my own. When I had a follow-up question and called the office. I was very impressed with the way the staff went out of their way to find the answer to my question.

Linda Trainum, Owner
Autumn Olive Farms

The SBDC was instrumental in making our transition to a new business smooth and successful. If you are starting a business, start with the SBDC. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and can guide you through the business planning process. They provide you with excellent professional resources and, through effective planning, give you the confidence to achieve your dream.

Jay and Ann Walsh-Brown, Owners
Brown & Co. Hair Design

The SBDC is a great partner with the Chamber of Commerce, helping small businesses grow and succeed.

Frank Tamberrino, President & CEO
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce

The Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center is a critical resource for the new or existing business owner looking to improve or turnaround their business. The SV SBDC provides excellent insight on what it takes to be successful in our business community. They have helped my clients and prospects prepare business plans and financial projections that result in sound presentations when they come to discuss their loan request with our bankers. With their knowledge, expertise, and resources, the SV SBDC gets businesses on the right track and helps them maintain their financial objectives along the way. This work is critical for our clients, and our bankers continue to utilize this tremendous resource for the business community.

Gregory C. Godsey, Senior Vice President, Harrisonburg Commercial Market Executive
Union First Market Bank

Whenever I meet with a new small business owner, the first place I have them go is the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center. The SV SBDC provides excellent insight on what it takes to succeed in our business community. With their knowledge and expertise, the SV SBDC gets businesses on the right track and helps them maintain their goals along the way. I'm very thankful to the SV SBDC for the work they've done for my clients, and I will continue to utilize this tremendous resource.

Jonah Pence, Commercial Lender
Farmers and Merchants Bank

I have the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs who have great ideas for new business ventures that they want to investigate and launch in the Shenandoah Valley. Often there is a piece of the puzzle in which the entrepreneur could use some assistance. Harrisonburg is fortunate to have the staff and resources of the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center available to work with area entrepreneurs. Business plan development, marketing, and accounting are just a few of the many subject areas that I know the SV SBDC offers, with great advice and expertise to clients I have referred their way.

Brian B. Shull, Economic Development Director
City of Harrisonburg

The SBDC helped Immerge Technologies in its founding years from QuickBooks training to general business practices. As a group of young, talented JMU graduates, we struggled with understanding how to bring our skills and services to market. The SV SBDC helped us with business plan development and also helped us connect to the Valley community. Immerge Technologies celebrated its five-year anniversary on May 17, 2010, and the SV SBDC contributed much needed advise to us, helping us reach the success we enjoy today.

Shortly after the five-year anniversary, we sold the company to McClung Printing to become their web division. Their strength in business management and sales has led to Immerge's new success and growing team. We are still based in Harrisonburg but with a much better reach from Roanoke to Winchester to Charlottesville. And we are still actively involved with the SV SBDC by serving on the Advisory Council and providing guidance to their business clients.

William Roy, Former Owner & now Web Accounts Manager
Immerge Technologies Inc.  a division of McClung

I frequently have the opportunity to meet with people considering opening a business in downtown, and I have found the SBDC to be an extremely valuable resource to refer people to in this situation.  Business owners can take advantage of services such as a written business plan, consultation on financing, and classes on a range of topics.  The SBDC can meet with existing businesses to provide expertise on ways a struggling business can improve or a successful business can address an challenges.  We are indeed fortunate to have the quality, commitment, and knowledge of the SBDC staff available to our local business community.

Eddie Bumbaugh, Executive Director
Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance